4 Ways to Encourage Local Reviews That Work

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Whether you’ve got an online business or a brick-and-mortar business, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got local reviews, that align with your target demographic. Let’s say that you’re operating a shop out of Colorado, for example. The more Coloradoans that review your company, the more likely other Coloradoans will opt for your product. When it comes to local businesses, community and word of mouth are extremely important. If you aren’t a global retailer, then you’re going to get a lot of your business from customers, that come from other customers. This means that providing your local customers with a positive experience is a must, because then, they’ll vouch for your business.

To ensure that you understand how to cultivate local reviews, we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can increase your business’s local reviews. BHirst Media is committed to supporting your company, so we want to make things easy for you. Let’s get into the list!

Tactics that Will Increase Your Company’s Local Reviews

1. Give Your Customers a Card, with Every Purchase

There’s nothing more endearing than receiving a note of gratitude, after you’ve made a purchase. We know what you might be thinking: doesn’t a card, mean a business card? And the answer to that question is: yes and no. Sure, you could hand out a business card after each purchase. A business card might include some basic information about your company and a quick message that urges your customers to review your company on websites and social media sites. But what is even better than a business card, is offering your customers a handwritten note, after each purchase.

Whether you’re including a note in your package that you ship to a customer or handing a note to a customer in a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll surely attract local reviews if you offer your customers a token of your appreciation. So, instead of trying to accumulate reviews using a business card, you might try writing a note on a piece of stationary with your business’s logo on it. Write something like: “Thank you so much for your business, we hope to see you again soon,” and sign off with a signature. You will be surprised how many customers respond positively to this gesture.

2. Put a Message at the End of Your Receipt or Invoice

The first tip was less overt, but in some instances, being overt will help you get more local reviews, because your customers might not understand how valuable their feedback is to your company. So, at the bottom of your receipts or invoices, you can leave a note that tells customers to review your business. For example, you can write something like, “If you are satisfied with your purchase, leave a review here,” and include a link to a website that has space to review your company.

People tend to look at their receipts and invoices, because they are curious about the price of their purchase, return policy, and other things. So, that means if you leave a message on your receipts that urge customers to leave a review, they’re probably going to follow through, if they’ve had a positive experience with your company.

3. Create Signs that Encourage Customers to Leave a Review

With much of today’s advertising being moved to online platforms, there’s nothing more nostalgic than a conventional sign. When you’re driving or walking past a sign, you’re going to be compelled to try to figure out what the item is advertising. Whereas we are more likely to overlook things on our cell phones and computers, people tend to pay attention to signage. So, if you have a retail store, place signs in your business’s window or around your town. In doing this, you’re going to attract the attention of your customers.

You might put up a sign that reads, “Review us, here,” and include a link to a website that allows your customer to review your business. You can include a catchy slogan that prompts readers to review your business. For example, if your business has the best women’s shoes or French fries—or whatever else it might be—in the area, create a slogan that draws attention, based on your product.

4. When all Else Fails, Ask Your Customers!

Although it might seem desperate to directly ask your customers, when they’re shopping, to review your company, this tactic might be the difference between someone reviewing your company and someone not reviewing your company. If a customer hears the importance of a review, right from the owner’s mouth, then they’re going to feel a connection to you and your company—and they’re going to want to review your business! Sometimes other tactics might be too impersonal, so a pleasant conversation with a business owner might be the thing that is needed to get the most local reviews—especially, if you’re in a small, tight knit town.

Final Thoughts on Methods that Will Increase Your Local Reviews

We’ve outlined multiple techniques that can help you increase the number of local reviews that your company is receiving. The key is to implement several of these tactics, because one technique might work better on some customers and other techniques might work better on other customers. BHirst Media wants to see your small business succeed, so if you have any questions or concerns about how to optimize the number of local reviews that your company is receiving, don’t hesitate to reach out. We always love to hear from you.

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