9 Things You Didn’t Know Your Website Can Do for You

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You have a business website, looking good, and you think it’s doing its job. But, is it? Companies focus on content and functionality, but they don’t ask the question: What can your website do for you?

When a user thinks about a business, they head over to a search engine and look for the brand or a set of keywords. Hopefully, when they search for keywords relevant to your site, they can visit your website and learn about your brand. It’s a relatively straightforward process. 

Website owners tend to think only about their creative design. And, for a good reason. A great design can turn a lot of attention towards your business. But, being a beautifully designed, user-friendly website that brings in views isn’t the only thing your website can do for you. 

Keep reading to find out things you didn’t know your website can do for you. 

1. Gain more traffic

You probably already knew your website could gain traffic, which could turn into leads and conversions. But what if you could build a website that generates even more traffic and grow your business in a more streamlined way? 

Taking the time to build a better website helps you to gain more visitors who turn into leads. Then your call to action will turn those potential leads into conversions. 

The best way to get traffic moving to your website is to provide useful content. You want to be a voice of authority in your area of expertise. Likely, you’re not the only website in your profession, so you are always competing with others. So, focus on something specific–a niche. Get a target audience–a particular type of person who is your ideal audience–and market towards them. 

2. Increase conversion rates

With an increase in traffic, there’s the potential for an increase in conversion rates. Once your website is optimized – quick loading pages, responsive design – leads tend to convert. Having a functioning, optimized, well-designed website shows authority.   

3. Play music and videos

Most everyone with a website or one who has spent any time on the internet has heard about Flash. These days websites are doing away with Flash since it has become blocked by most versions of Windows starting January 2021. Flash does not work on mobile responsive websites. 

Instead, look at HTML5. It’s a fantastic way to add videos and play music on your website. HTML5 has many benefits, but one of its best features is its ability to play videos in an MP4 format without needing Flash to do it. It can also do so on more mobile devices, particularly those who don’t agree with Flash or Silverlight. 

4. Video conferencing

Did you know you can use your website for video conferencing? While it is true, you cannot set up your website to use a visitors’ webcam without their consent, but your website can host video conferencing between your website and theirs without all those fancy plugins. But you’ll need to get their permission legally and not try to skirt around the laws. You can use the new WebTRC API to help you. 

The WebTRC API can host video conferences between different web browsers without the need for plugins. 

5. Pop-up notifications

Long gone are the times of having to use a separate calendar to keep track of your important dates and times. Now you can program a web page within your website to pop up and give a notification in response to a new event or schedule. Use them wisely, however – Pop-up notifications have a nasty history of being less than desired, so ensure that any notifications are non-intrusive and limited in use.

6. Become search engine strong

Not all websites are robust and carry the weight to rank them at the top of the searches. Many are weak and don’t reach the first three pages. You can make your website search engine healthy by ensuring your website has optimization to the best of its ability. 

By optimizing your website – making sure your pages have optimization for search engines by using relevant keywords — you will move higher in the search rankings. SEO is something that takes time to master. The field is no longer young and is highly competitive.

To master the process, you need to start with some basics. You need to understand the type of content your audience wants and provide it regularly. It’s about user intent. From there, you can work on building your websites. Most pros learn by doing and even making some mistakes along the way. The key is consistency!

7. Build trust

You can use your business website to build trust with your visitors. There are many ways you can use your website to build trust. 

  • Provide valuable content.
  • Engage customers in 2-way communication.
  • Host live video events.
  • Keep your brand consistent.
  • Encourage user-generated content.
  • Share trustworthy links relevant to your brand.
  • Encourage user reviews and testimonials.

8. Run web apps without the web

Browsers these days cache anything and everything, including — web apps and their directories. Today there’s the ability to have your website entirely online, even if the computer isn’t, by pulling the information needed. It’s so advanced that you can use even Gmail or Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader except for the use of sending and retrieving any new information that isn’t cached. 

9. Assign web apps to use as defaults

Your visitors can assign web apps as default applications — they have to do this themselves. You cannot do it for them. But if your web app’s design is to do word processing, you can let your website visitor choose to have their mobile device or computer treat your app as their default word processor. 

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Now that you’ve learned many incredible things you didn’t know your website could do for you, let’s get your site optimized to its best ability and allow you to convert those leads into sales. 

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