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Use the tactics that have visitors self identifying exactly where they need help and ultimately turn them into clients

Rachel Pedersen is an entrepreneur that runs an agency and teaches social media marketing.
Our goal with this website was to tie in all of her business entry points while creating a way for a visitor to self identify what kind of services they need. With her two seperate business models being a done for you service and the other a learning platform it created two completely different audiences.
We achieved our goal by using various lead magnets for each ideal target audience and placed them throughout the site to guide each audience to identify themselves and enter a funnel. Get a full exclusive look at the website strategy by signing up below.

Let me introduce myself

I'm Brandon Hirst

I run an award winning web design agency that specializes in working with small business owners and personal brands. We like to focus on creating a website that works for you and isn't just a fancy brochure.

Last year we built a website for Rachel Pedersen to create a professional personal brand site that allowed her to promote both of her businesses and it turned out AMAZING. It speaks to her audience in the tone that she wanted while guiding the visitor’s to self identify where they needed help.

If you are a business owner I highly recommend checking out the strategy behind Rachel's site because it will help you find out where to improve your own website strategy.

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