Do I Need a Chatbot for My Website?

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Chatbots have come a long way since they first appeared on websites across the internet. You can find them on all kinds of websites in all sorts of styles. They’re practically ubiquitous these days, but do you really need one for your website?

In short, it depends. While not every website needs a chatbot, almost every website could benefit from having one. Chatbots are a helpful tool that can serve many different purposes. Using a chatbot in your website design can boost engagement with your visitors and keep them on your site for longer, as well as offer a portal for your visitors to contact you and become leads for you to nurture through follow ups, email campaigns, and more. 

Let’s look at how a chatbot can improve your website and give your website an edge.

Chatbots Improve Customer Service

Having an automated response system handle your customer service sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the opposite is true when it comes to having a chatbot on your website. Utilizing a tool that can answer simple customer inquiries 24/7 is good business, and unlike humans, chatbots are never late for work.

Humans have flaws, one of which is the potential to forget crucial information or have a negative attitude when dealing with your customers. Chatbots, on the other hand, never forget a thing. And they never have a bad day, potentially irking your customers in the process.

Chatbots Increase Visitor Engagement

Your chatbot can be a valuable tool for engaging visitors on the site. Often, visitors turn to the chatbot to search for information on the website to decide if they want to make a transaction. Perhaps they’re searching for a specific product or information about shipping and returns. Whatever they’re looking for, the chatbot can guide them deeper into your website and positively prolong their visit.

By using a chatbot like a lead funnel, you can take advantage of your visitor’s curiosity and guide them to the product or service you’re offering. Plus, you’re building a relationship with the visitor at the same time, priming them to become paying customers.

People Expect to See a Chatbot

When you go into a store to buy something, you expect to see a salesperson or cashier. When visitors come to your website, many expect to see a chatbot.

Social media platforms use chatbots in much the same way that websites do, so people have become accustomed to being greeted by these helpful web tools. If you don’t have a chatbot on your website, it forces the visitor to find another way of contacting you or finding the information they need. 

Because convenience is your best tool for engaging customers and closing sales, ensuring that you remove as many hurdles as possible for prospective customers is a must. In that regard, the lack of a chatbot can actually be off-putting to visitors who want a quick interaction.

Chatbots Help You Monitor Consumer Data

One of the most useful aspects of chatbots is that they allow you to gather and monitor consumer data to understand better what your visitors look for when they visit your website. This data can be invaluable for all sorts of applications, including your site’s web design.

For example, suppose visitors are consistently searching for information that should be easy to find on your homepage. In that case, you may want to consider redesigning your website to make it more user-friendly, presenting important information in a way that is more readily accessible. Because chatbots let your customers ask the questions, you’ll know what they need and want most so you can provide it to them.

Chatbots Enhance Lead Generation

Building trust is an integral part of the lead generation funnel. Once visitors arrive at your site, you need them to trust you enough to give you their details so you can continue to market to them in the future. Chatbots are perfect for this and can be an invaluable tool in lead generation.

Maybe a visitor asks your chatbot a question about a service or product that you have. You can build a funnel within the chatbot to direct your visitors where you want them, increasing the likelihood of conversions in the process. 

You can use the chatbot to suggest products and services, engage with visitors as they move throughout your website, and generally build a relationship with potential customers without appearing too pushy. Many visitors see chatbots as friendly and helpful, so they’ll be more willing to establish a relationship with your business.

Let Us Design Your Website

Whether you utilize a chatbot on your website or not, professional website design and development are crucial to your site’s success. If your website isn’t easy to use, simple to navigate, and packed with helpful information and features that appeal to visitors, it won’t do your business any good.

Your site doesn’t have to be super-fancy. Clean, minimalist sites do well, but they’re harder to build than you might think. On the other hand, you have a business to run, so why not leave your website’s design up to a professional who knows exactly what makes a great user experience?

At BHirst Media, we focus on creating a great UX for your customers and more conversions for your business. With a focus on SEO, custom website development, and customer care, we can help you create a business website that will keep your customers coming back for more. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

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