How to Incorporate Storytelling in Web Design

A copywriter incorporating storytelling to web design


Captivating stories have the power to make you laugh, cry, change your mind and influence you in several other ways. Stories draw us in and garner our attention. Storytelling on your website can do the same thing for your visitors, can often keep them on your page longer and allow them a window into your brand as well.

Let’s look at a few different ways you can incorporate storytelling into your website and brand:

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is a key step in creating a compelling story. Make sure to always account for all the different types of people visiting your page. They could be existing customers/clients, future customers/clients, business partners, employees or people looking to invest or work for your company. 

Think about all the reasons that bring people to your site, why they are there and what they are ultimately looking for. 

It is very important to get feedback from your customers/clients. If you can’t directly, have your team members who speak with your customers regularly check in and see what is working for them and what isn’t. Customers will often give great feedback from an outside perspective and can better help you understand their concerns as well. 

2. Use Images to Your Advantage

People love visual stimuli. The immediacy of apps like TikTok and Instagram have proven that visual stimulus is key to engaging an audience and keeping them on a platform or site. Images and video can captivate and tell your story quickly and efficiently. Make sure your imagery is impactful, relevant, and high quality. Images are a great way to captivate and engage your audience with visual storytelling in a simple and effective way. 

About 2/3 of the country are visual learners, meaning your images will stay in the mind of many of your customers longer and help them associate with and remember your brand better. Make your website fun and easy to navigate for anyone who visits your page. Make sure to incorporate your visual imagery tastefully and creatively, and don’t overdo it — more images does not equal better results. 

3. Be Active on Social Media

Many brands use social media to hype up their latest product, show how something is made from their shop, explore the brand and show off their inventiveness. Now more than ever, social media is one of the greatest marketing tools available. Because social media is so personalized, you can use your brand to connect to more people in a less formal way, making them comfortable with you almost immediately. 

Social media helps build your brand and–in turn–a loyal audience. Building a community around your brand keeps people in touch with your stories and keeps them coming back to see more from you. Make sure to be very active on your social media accounts, with anything from a new video to a new event you are hosting. Utilize temporary content like Instagram and Facebook stories to highlight day-in-the-life or other content that is lower production value, and utilize your more polished content for posts. 

4. Give Your Brand a Mascot or Character

Another great way to stay in your customers mind with the power of storytelling is the all essential character. Characters are one of the most important elements of a story and can give your clients someone to put on your page or even on your products (think the Starbucks siren.) 

The character or mascot doesn’t need a central role, they can be stationary and help make your brand memorable. Your brand becomes a story when you personalize this character or mascot. Having a character be the figurehead of your brand can help your story grow and give personality to your story.

Whether you are writing blogs, making an Instagram post or sharing story about your brand’s mascot, incorporating these storytelling elements will draw in potential customers and keep your current ones interested in your brand.

Let BHirst Media Help You Tell Your Story

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