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Every day a new visitor lands on a website they’ve never seen before. They’re finding websites via social media, searches, and referral links. If you have a strong brand that was initially built to thrive on digital outlets, this is excellent news for you. 

If your brand is less pliable, or maybe you’ve changed your brand since the beginning, and you no longer know what your blog posts looked like 2 years ago, you could be going into this battle seriously under-armed. 

This is why website branding is so important. Your website brand must match your business brand.

If you have a billboard put up and you don’t like it, you can take it down. But, when you have hundreds or thousands of social media posts and web pages floating around the interwebs, it can become challenging to pivot your brand when necessary.

That is why we are here. In this post, we’re going to show you the importance and the value of website branding and how building a brand can scale, adapt, and pivot your company. 

The Impact of Branding on SEO

Branding itself is not an SEO ranking factor. Various factors impact Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Many digital marketers will sweep branding under the rug, focusing instead on keyword stuffing or link-building because of this factor. 

We cannot advise against this strongly enough. This is why we recommend working with a digital agency that offers web design and development, which builds SEO traffic organically.

Your brand’s strength is not a direct factor, but several independent studies have shown a positive, distinct correlation between brand and search rankings. A company’s brand has an impact on several of Google’s ranking factors in their algorithm, including:

  • SERP click-through rate
  • User experience data
  • Quality of outgoing links
  • Use of backlinks
  • User behavior data

It’s possible competitors may not outrank simply because they’re more well known. They’ll eventually outrank if they beat you on-page and on SERPs. This is essential information. If you’re serious about SEO and organic traffic, the best move right now isn’t to double-down what you’ve been doing — because that’s not working — and instead is to take the time to build your SEO for long-term success.

Outrank Your Competition in 3 Easy Steps

1. Build a Brand Identity

A business needs to have a clear brand identity. Make sure your brand has the following visual assets when looking to compete with companies online:

  • A defined color palette
  • 1-3 preferred fonts
  • A primary logo
  • A secondary logo
  • A wordmark
  • Brandable typography
  • Headshots for employees & written consent for use

2. Build Your Brand’s Voice

Your brand’s voice is one of the most essential items to your website when building your digital brand. 

  • Writing a tweet? Need a voice. 
  • Writing blog posts for your website full of good SEO? Need a voice. 
  • Responding to reviews and customer complaints? Need a voice. 

Don’t overlook your voice when trying to build your brand. Your voice should consist of:

  • A list of your brand’s personality traits
  • A written description of your brands’ position
  • A documented list of things your brand will and won’t say

3. Scale Your Brand

One of the single most powerful aspects of online branding is that it can infinitely scale your business. TV ads cost money. Putting up billboard ads cost a lot of money. While there is a return on investment here, it’s not as high as the ROI compared to digital marketing.

Once you start down the digital marketing path, you can scale up your marketing efforts with minimal effort. It’s faster and cheaper than you could with traditional marketing outlets.

To get your brand to scale at a tremendous speed with minimal effort compared to other mediums is to make sure you brand your business right the first time. You must create a transparent, authentic brand that aligns with you, your business, and your team.

Without this, it will become harder to get new team members to speak your brand’s language. By creating this visual identity and a voice that is authentic to your brand, you’re making it easier for your team to represent your brand, and for those who may come later, it makes it easier for them to learn the brand language and keeping everyone on the same page.

Get Started Today

We know you want to build a more robust digital brand, starting with your website. I’m sure you want to jump on it today if you can. So, here are a few recommendations you can do immediately. 

  1. Sit down with all of the decision-makers and emphasize the importance of improving your website and building your brand so that the digital marketing efforts are successful. 
  2. Perform a business brand audit to understand where your brand is sitting today.
  3. Compare the current state of your brand to the branding recommendations mentioned here. Are there areas you excel? How about areas you fall short?
  4. Reach out to a professional for help. Website branding is tough. There’s no reason for you to go at it alone. Contact us today if you’re ready to build a website brand that will out-rank and out-perform the other guys.

At Bhirst Media, we have experience building websites for various customers and a variety of different needs. We understand what it takes to build a website that looks good, is optimized for search engines, and is designed for lead generation.

You don’t have to try and do this alone — let us help. Check out our website design, development, and website care plans today. 


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