Website Performance & Speed and How It Affects Visitors

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If your website takes more than three seconds to load, you will see a heavy drop in your website traffic. How fast your website load determines how many visitors will convert into your valuable customers. On top of that, good page speed and high website performance lead to excellent customer experience, and ultimately, increased sales revenue.

Various studies show that a large part of nearly 53% of internet users abandons a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. That has a significant effect on your online visitors.

How page speed and performance impact visitors?

The website speed and performance impact both the number of pages viewed per session and the bounce rate, resulting in a direct impact on your traffic and conversion rates.

How many times your pages are viewed shows how many visitors are engaged with and stay on your website. For an eCommerce website, more page viewed means larger carts and a better ROI.

This metric is also essential for websites that rely on page views for advertising revenue. The cost and effort of driving a new visitor to your site are often high. So, you should make sure the visitors stay and view all the pages of your website – and that they become recurring site users. If your page speed is good, people will prefer to consider more pages and will likely become your valuable customers in terms of both advertising and returning to your website.

The bounce rate is the percentage of online users who enter your site and exit on the same page, without taking any action. If the percentage of bounce rates on your website is high, this means your web pages are not relevant, which could result in a lack of relevant visitors and decreased return on investment.

This metric can be impacted by the page content, page design, and content relevancy. However, page loading speed also affects the bounce rate as most of the visitors will only visit one page on your slow website and will likely switch to a competitor’s site.

How does website speed and performance affect SEO?

Google prefers fast-loading sites as they increase user experiences with reduced operating costs. Another benefit of fast sites is that search engines can crawl them more effectively. This is a significant advantage for a large eCommerce site with thousands of pages. Good page load times potentially offer the opportunity to improve website ranking on SERPs. On top of that, this is a significant factor in affecting the Google AdWords quality score, resulting in high revenues.

The results are precise—speed matters! The key study findings are highlighted below:

  • 35% of online users are less likely to purchase a product if the website performance is poor
  • 33% have possessed a negative impact on a firm with a poor performing website

No matter what the size of the business, when it comes to enhancing their user experience, good page speed and high-performance play a vital role. But, to see a significant improvement in your site’s visitor traffic and conversion rates, you need to keep your website maintained, organized as well as yourself updated. So, it’s better to leave it to professionals so that you can focus on what matters most to you!

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