What is SEO and How Does it Affect Your Site Traffic?

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5.5 billion Google searches are made every day. This means that at any point in time, people are actively searching for products and services related to your business.  So, how can you tap into that huge market? Well, that’s where SEO comes in!

But what exactly is SEO anyway?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your web presence in an attempt to take your website higher up in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). 

Make sure your SEO strategy is effective as it can increase your chances of driving more targeted organic traffic towards your site. 

How does good SEO increase traffic to your site?

When the Internet was still young, most online business owners could increase their online visibility by adding lots of keywords to their web pages, whether they were relevant or not. But with time, search engines like Google caught on and penalized them, lowering their business credibility and decreasing their online reputation. So, now, SEO is more than just adding the keywords to your content and website.

Here are a few SEO tips that you can follow to improve your site performance!

Include the right keywords

Adding the right keywords to your title, meta description, and content is one of the essential aspects of SEO. So, what kinds of search terms are right?

When it comes to getting higher ranks as well as attracting more qualified traffic, long-length keywords play a vital role. For example, if you run a flower shop, try to use “flower delivery services” instead of “flowers.” Why? Because people looking for “flowers” could be looking for photos, animated videos and forum posts, but those that are searching for “flower delivery services” are likely looking to buy a flower bouquet.

Focus on location-based keywords if you want to market your products or services for local areas. So, if your business is located in New York, you need to focus on flower delivery services in New York. This keyword is even more targeted and will help improve your rankings as well as relevant traffic.

Create high-quality content

Google looks at uniqueness and length as parameters to check whether or not your content is worth ranking well in SERPs. 

The length of your content plays a vital role in increasing search engine ranking. But how long should it be? While short content may be easy to create, it doesn’t provide much information. On the other hand, longer content like encyclopedia-length pages is challenging to create. So, it would help if you looked for quality over quantity. 

Search Engines prefer only those sites that are regularly updated and have high-quality, unique content. This will show search engines that your website is being maintained and updated regularly, resulting in increased online visibility and, ultimately, significant traffic towards your business.

Once you have followed these tips, you can drive the most traffic possible towards your business. But, what if you don’t have any SEO plan in place? In that case, it would be better to hire SEO professionals.

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