What Makes a Good Landing Page for Your Website?

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Having a good landing page builds traffic, creates new customers, and adds new subscribers who could become customers and fans. An online marketing plan is not complete without building out a great looking and simple-to-understand landing page.

Whether creating one yourself or bringing in the help from a website design company, landing pages are becoming a necessity to positive exposure for your company.

So, what exactly is a landing page? 

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.  Someone will be sent to this page when clicking on an ad or link from your email or other marketing source. 

This can be your home page, but it usually is designed and built for each specific offer you have, depending on who you’re trying to reach. These landing pages can be used over and over, based on the individual offer you are publicizing.  

There are a few tips to create and maintain a landing page that will build customers and sales. Here are some ideas to get that done, and more:

1. Your Landing Page Should Be Visually Appealing

A good landing page design should be on brand, easy to move through, and nice to look at. Using text that’s easy to read and graphics that catch the eye means you are much more likely to convert those that check it out. 

Building a simple design that is easy to navigate and free of distractions will allow potential customers to easily move through your page to allow your information to be shared quickly.

Building a simple landing page is so important, whether you create it yourself, or use a web design agency. Finding and using eye-catching images and easy to understand text makes for a great looking landing page. Each part of the page should offer value and easily convey your message.

2. A Good Landing Page Addresses Pain and Pleasure

A landing page can look amazing, but if it doesn’t address your ideal customer’s ultimate pain points, it will never turn them into paying customers. 

Before creating the page, discover just who you want this to reach. Learn all about them, write down everything, and find out what they lack most that you can provide. This is their pain point.

Once you learn where their pain lies, you can offer them the pleasure of removing this pain with service or product. In addition, research your competition to see how they are removing this pain to gain inspiration to improve your page. Use your landing page to specifically share your solution to their problem. 

3. Your Landing Page Should Encourage Immediate Action

After you’ve built out the graphics, chosen the right verbiage, and found the solution to their problem, you need to point them in the right direction. This is done by creating a good quality call to action

This call to action is a direct instruction to your audience to commit a specific action while on your page.. Your landing page will emphasize this point and ultimately funnel your client to your desired action, typically highlighted by a button and/or a contact form. 

Creating this call to action is important to move a potential client through your sales funnel to turn them into a new customer. The right call to action is a positive next step and the wrong one can immediately end the process. Staying consistent to your brand and style will make this fluid and meshes well with the rest of what you have to say. 

A good quality landing page is a key piece in your online marketing plan. Discovering the secret to one that converts successfully improves sales, brings in new clients, and builds raving fans. 

4. Work With a Professional Web Designer

Finding the right method for a great landing page that converts well may take something beyond what your company can provide. A custom web design company is a good objective source to assist in creating a great looking and feeling landing page.

By partnering with a professional web design agency, you can build out a plan for a landing page, and develop a strategy for putting the page in front of the right sets of eyes. The best website firm assists with creating the best plan that matches your brand, that will seek out your potential clients, and develop future pages to continue growth. 

At BHirst Media, we design websites that convert traffic to qualified leads.. Our passion is creating websites and landing pages that look great, read well, and solve problems so companies can grow their business. Reach out to us today to learn just how we can assist you!


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