Why You Should Back Up Your Website Regularly



Backing up your website not only acts like an insurance policy to save your website’s data in a timely fashion, but in many cases, it can be the only way to recover your data at all. 

The data that makes up your website is sacred —  it’s something that tells everything there is to know about your business, and without a properly functioning website, you’re going to miss out on potential leads and sales. 

To save yourself the headache of completely redoing your website, regularly backing up your website is absolutely the way to go. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why your website needs to be backed up regularly. 

What is a Website Backup? 

Your website backup functions similarly to backing up your files on your computer. At its core, a website backup is a file that contains all of the data on your website. Anything can happen that could destroy your website data, ranging from cyber-attacks to accidental misclicks. 

You should store a backup in multiple safe and secure locations to ensure it can be accessed at any time. Furthermore, whenever your website is updated, you should be updating those backups, too. 

1. Automatic Backups Don’t Always Work

Accidents happen, but having a website backup acts as an insurance policy protecting you from said accidents. For example, if you delete a specific file, a backup will allow you to restore said file and restore complete functionality to your website. 

Many users assume that their host service will protect them and allow a quick and easy restore, but unless you’re paying for backup services, you may find that no backup is automatically made for you.

There’s also the possibility that even if you trusted a third-party company to handle the backup for you, that the backup they created won’t actually be up-to-date and restore the information that you need to be restored. 

2. You Could Miss Sales

Potentially the most convincing reason to back up your website is that for every minute your website is down, you’re going to be losing out on potential sales. 

Your customers will notice a broken website and will subsequently have something to say about the reputation of your business. A business that can’t even keep a functional website might be scrutinized and cost you future and current customers. 

3. Viruses Happen

Not everyone online has pure intentions. Websites are being hacked at an alarming rate and being infected with malware and spyware. Every time website hosting platforms like WordPress update, hackers are exploiting any holes in previous versions of the software. 

Sometimes, these attacks are so powerful that you cannot restore your website any other way than from a restore. That means your entire website would need to be redesigned from the ground up thanks to an ill-intentioned hacker. One report suggests that 60% of small businesses end up the victim of a malware attack go under six months or less. 

Updating your hosting software can feel like a headache, but it’s especially crucial for websites built on WordPress. Without a backup, a website without core updates can lead to the absolute death of your business. 

Save yourself the headache and backup often, especially when your host is updating. 

4. Don’t Just Trust The Computer 

While it might seem simple to keep your backup website stored on your work computer, this might not be the safest option. Computers crash, hard drives die, and sometimes your files just can’t be recovered. Combine that with a malware attack, and you’re out of luck. 

Going with the idea of faulty technology, sometimes those ever-important computer updates go wrong. Your website could go offline simply because an update went awry. Having a backup will allow you to restore your site to how it was before the update and figure out the technical error behind the scenes. 

5. Humans Mess Up, Too

Not only could you accidentally delete a file and cause the website to crash, but if you miss a bill or payment, your website might go down. This sort of situation happens all the time —  you got a new work card and canceled the old one, and those billing notices ended up in your spam folder. 

Days later, you’re without a website. Not only would this situation mean you need to restore your website, but you’d need to repurchase your hosting plan and even potentially a restore fee. 

Find A Company That Cares

At BHirst Media, we offer website care plans to help keep your website in shape. Our technical support and maintenance team will clean up and organize the back end of your website and perform backups daily on a unique server to keep your content protected and safe. 

If your website goes down, we’re available 24/7 to get you back up and running, no matter the reason. 

We can offer your company the peace of mind you need to keep your focus on your business. You’re the expert on your business, and we’re the experts of web design. Check out our plans today, and see how BHirst Media can help keep your website up and running. 


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