You Need Video Reviews from Your Customers: Here’s How You Get Them.

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When you’re shopping for a good or a service, you’re probably going to be the most convinced to make a purchase, when you really believe that a company is credible, trustworthy, and top-of-the-line. So, when you’re running a business, you’re going to want to ensure that your company comes off in a positive light, to prospective customers.

You’re going to want to make sure that your customers feel like they can really trust you.

There’s no better way to earn the trust of your customers, than to show them the reviews and testimonials that were written by other customers. Sure, as a business owner you could try to convince your customers that your product or service is top notch, but it’s more likely that customers are going to trust the opinions of real customers.

These days, most everyone reads written reviews of businesses online. So, it’s incredibly helpful that your customers write reviews of your business, after they purchase your good or service. Every review is appreciated, of course. But the truth is, that written reviews are not as impactful as video reviews.

With people’s attention spans being short, and because of the fact that written reviews are not always very expressive, video reviews are becoming an important way to convert customers.

Let’s think about it this way. Someone can write a review for a sock company on the internet that says: “Great socks. Would purchase again.” Yes, this review will make a prospective customer want to purchase socks, but the reality is, many companies have reviews like this. Who is to say that this prospective shopper will pick you, even with this kind customer review?

If you want to put your business over the edge (which you need to do to succeed), you need to convince satisfied customers to leave video reviews, because video reviews are more impactful to prospective customers.

Let’s continue thinking about this sock company. If someone created a video review that shows the way the socks fit, or the way that the socks are made of high quality material, or that the socks are stitched with the best quality thread, then prospective shoppers are more likely to take notice.

There’s nothing more convincing than exciting testimonials from other customers, and when a customer posts a video review, that gives prospective shoppers more information, and it proves to prospective shoppers that a company’s customers care about the company. If someone cares enough to record a video review, then they were probably incredibly satisfied with their service. And there’s nothing more promising to prospective customers, than this.

We’re going to outline a few tips that will help you get more video reviews. Let’s face it: when it comes down to it, social media sites like TikTok, YouTube, and others are the most popular platforms out there. So, with the help of these tips, you’ll secure video reviews which will help your business become the most popular business out there, too. That’s a win.

Here are the tips:

Simply ask your customers for video reviews.

As a business owner, you probably don’t want to be pushy. Plus, if your customer already purchased a good or a service that you provide, then your mindset is probably that you don’t want to ask them for something else. This makes sense, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Let’s say that you purchase a new tennis racket, and after you purchase the tennis racket, the business owner asks you to record a video review as a testimonial. In this case, you’re probably going to be flattered. If the business owner cares about your opinion on this tennis racket, then it probably means that they think that you’re a valuable and talented tennis player, whose opinion matters.

When your ask your customers for a video review, you’re flattering them. So, don’t be deterred to ask your customers for their input. In most cases, they’re going to be excited to help.

Make sure you’re always showcasing other video reviews.

We all get a little bit nervous putting ourselves out there. So, if you’re asking customers for video reviews, then it’s probably a good idea to have other video reviews on your website or social media accounts, before you ask customers for video reviews. It makes customers feel less anxiety about making video reviews, when they have some examples to look at, before they record theirs.

Of course, everyone’s video review is going to be a little bit different, but it’s always stress-reducing to know that someone else has done something before you. Your customers want to feel like they’re a part of a community, and when you have other video reviews showcased, they will.

You could interview your customers yourself.

As great as video reviews are—and as fun as they are to create—it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to record a video review. You have to record a video, possibly edit it, and think of what to say in the review, when you make a video review. So, if you want to take the stress off your customers, you could interview them, to get a candid video review.

This way, instead of your customers having to do the labor of making a review themselves, you can get their feedback in a way that’s simple for them. This is also a great strategy if you don’t have any video reviews yet. So, if you’re looking for your first review, try interviewing your customers.

Help your customers by giving them guidance.

A lot of customers might start making a video review, but then, they’ll stop because they can’t think of what to say. You can avoid this, however, by helping your customers out. As a business owner, you might consider sending out an email to your list serve that outlines some possible prompts for a video review.

In this email, you could ask for a video review, and then you could specify that it will help your business if each review discusses the quality of the product, the efficiency of your company’s turnaround time, and the friendliness and responsiveness of the company’s support team. This ensures that your customers are going to know where to start, which will make things easier for them. When it’s easier for your customers to make a video review, you’ll end up with more video reviews.

Never doubt the significance of sending your customers prompts for their video reviews. It helps!

Final Thoughts

Your company will seem picture perfect when you have positive video reviews from customers. And there’s no one that can help your company achieve this, that’s better than BHirst Media.

At BHirst Media, we’re committed to helping businesses achieve their goals. With our help, you can transform your business strategies, so that your company can be the best that it can be.

We’re excited to get to know you. So, reach out to BHirst Media, and we’ll see what we can do to help your business.


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