Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is an entrepreneur that runs an agency and teaches social media marketing.
Our goal with this website was to tie in all of her business entry points while creating a way for a visitor to self identify what kind of services they need. With her two seperate business models being a done for you service and the other a learning platform it created two completely different audiences.
We achieved our goal by using various lead magnets for each ideal target audience and placed them throughout the site to guide each audience to identify themselves and enter a funnel.

What We achieved

The Scope

Web Design and Development

The project consisted of designing and developing a website to achieve the goals while providing a clear easy to use website for visitors

Technical Support

We continue to provide technical support and maintenance. This gives her the ability to not have to worry about her site and continue to grow and optimize everything.




Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is an entrepreneur that runs a marketing agency and teaches social media marketing.

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Code Red Lifestyle

Code Red Lifestyle is program that focuses on a lifestyle diet that helps many people with weight loss.

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